Concrete Sleeper Insertion Molong to Parkes

Concrete Sleeper Insertion Molong to Parkes

The Challenge:

Along the railway from Molong to Parkes, John Holland Rail CRN engaged Hanlons to support the insertion of concrete sleepers. JHR were aware of Hanlons ability to work effectively under pressure and the team’s familiarity with the site from previous projects.

As part of this project, Hanlons were required to calculate and design a horizontal alignment and compare this to the existing surveyed alignment using a schedule of track slews. The design was also required to be compared to CRN Standards, reviewing the parameters listed so that exceedances to normal and maximum limits could be clearly reviewed for the curve. 

A detailed report was also required for the curve, highlighting design constraints, exceedances to standards and recommendations.

The Solution:

Utilising Hanlons vast experience and knowledge of rail, including policies and procedures, a comprehensive design report, drawings and recommendations were submitted to JHR for review. The design process was completed over a 6-8 week period, from concept through to final design (IFC). All submissions were found to meet current standards for design and construction, leading to approval for the project to go ahead. 

During the construction phase of the project, wet weather presented a challenge with large rainfall predicted for day 2 of the construction. Through excellent communication and teamwork, this challenge was overcome by removing the track, excavating to required depths and conducting a re-lay of structural materials prior to the rain falling. By the time the rain hit the site, all structural material was in place, which meant the final components of rail, sleepers, clips, etc. were able to continue in the wet conditions. While the rain caused some discomfort, everyone involved worked hard to have the track ready for handover almost half a day early with construction efforts completed over a 5 day track shutdown.

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