Woolbrook Windfarm

Woolbrook Windfarm

The Challenge:

The proposed Woolbrook Wind Farm (the Project) is located approximately 38km north east of Tamworth and 7km south of the village of Woolbrook within the New England Tablelands region of NSW. The project is located partly within Walcha and partly within Tamworth Local Government Areas (LGAs).

The New England Tablelands region is a recognised region for wind farm developments for its favourable wind speeds and cleared agricultural setting. Results from ongoing wind monitoring assessments and proximity of the Project to existing transmission line networks confirmed the overall viability of the proposed wind farm site.

The Solution:

The project would involve the construction, operation and maintenance of up to thirty wind turbines and associated infrastructure across three privately owned rural properties. Three turbine layout options were considered based on differing turbine types. 

The project team assessed the potential transmission line corridors to connect the project to an existing electrical network. The preferred corridor was approximately 60km in length and generally followed an existing transmission line. 

A transmission line route was to be finalised upon completion of further assessments undertaken within each corridor and pending lease agreements with involved landowners.

The key project components would consist of:

  • construction of up to 30 wind turbines
  • upgrade to approximately 60km of existing 11kV and 66kV transmission line to 132kV
  • construction of a 22kV/132kV substation onsite;electrical connections between wind turbines and the onsite substation via underground/overhead 33kV cable network
  • construction of onsite control buildings and equipment storage facilities
  • temporary concrete batching facilities to provide supply concrete for turbine footings and substation construction works
  • construction of access tracks for each turbine and other onsite structures and upgrades to existing roads/tracks as required
  • construction of monitoring masts for wind speed verification and monitoring

Unfortunately the Woolbrook Windfarm project did not enter the construction phase. 

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