04 June 2019

Hanlons are on the job

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Hanlons Consulting have several teams working in Temora at the heart of the southern NSW grain growing region. From Surveyors to planners, Hanlons are on the Job and in this weather, it is cold. 

Grain Corp's rail loadout facility at Temora Sub Terminal require full pavement depth reconstruction, skim reconstruction for ballast renewal and realignment. The Hanlons team provided work plans, design report and survey support during construction works. It's important these facilities are maintained particularly during the current drought,  any grain produced this season needs to be transported in the most efficient manner possible. 

Australian grain farmers annually grow 45 million tonnes of wheat, barley, oats, sorghum, canola and pulses such as chickpeas and faba bean, which at the farm gate alone is worth $13.5 billion. This production generates more than 170,000 jobs in rural and regional areas across Australia. Over 70% of Australia’s grain production is exported, earning some $11.4bn in export earnings annually, and accounting for more than a quarter of all agricultural export earnings. 

With these figures in mind, the Temora Sub Terminal required higher axle loadings on our regional rail network and efficient "first mile" and "last mile" loading and receival facilities in other locations.

We at Hanlons fully understand the important of rail networks to our regional communities. Without them, farmers and the local economy could not be sustained.

20 May 2019

The Masterplan Project

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The study for the freight terminal at Wumbulgal was launched on 30th June 2018, which showcased the master plan and road linkages study for the WRConnect.  

It’s an operational freight terminal built on a budget to aggregate grains, cotton and hay for export via rail. The masterplan project was a joint venture of five Councils (Leeton, Griffith, Carrathol, Narrandera and Murrumbidgee), NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet and Transport for NSW.

The site sits in Leeton Shire on the boundary with Griffith City Council. The site is located within NSW’s most productive agricultural region, the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area. The establishment of an expanded, efficient, state-of-the-art and common access intermodal freight terminal at WRConnect will support the modal shift of containerised agricultural and manufacturing freight in the Region, onto rail, and allow the economic benefits to be realised.

The project aligns with the NSW government’s 20 Year Economic Vision for Regional NSW and the Western Riverina Regional Economic Development Strategy. It also reflects Leeton Shire Council’s Community Strategic Plan which recognises the importance of good road and rail connectivity and, as the demand for freight doubles by 2031, highlights that the facility at WRConnect will need to be expanded to accommodate this. Government funding will enable the vision is achieved.

We were tasked with the privilege of project managing the technical matters with the masterplan and with authoring the road linkages study. We worked closely with all parties to ensure that the project will be a success. This is another opportunity for our firm to bolster the economy of a great part of regional NSW.


13 May 2019

Why good regional policy matters and why we care

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For over 30 years, the people at Hanlons Consulting have been involved with a number of projects that are transformative to their local economy. With projects ranging from poultry farms, bridges, housing estates, main roads, railways, bio-digesters, air training academies and freight terminals the Hanlons team are proud of their input. The ever changing landscape nationally has allowed us to drill into the socio-economic data and regional economic development strategies for many projects and communities.

As a firm of country people with a regional focus, the numbers and prose in the many policy and strategy documents resonate in both a good and bad way. They always have good intent but their implementation leaves much to be desired. Good policy can have immediate impact in creating stable jobs and building sustainable communities. As for bad policies, well let’s just say the organisations who develop bad policies get to hear quickly from us that their “grand plan” isn’t as good as first thought.

Our team has been far and wide and when we really start thinking about it, there are few inland country towns where we don’t know someone. Many of their stories are the same but each has their own country twist, from the black soil in the west to the sand in the east.  

Hanlons work is complete when we see our projects contribute a positive effect across our own communities. We have a vested interest in seeing Hanlons projects succeed, as we are part of the end result. Our projects successes affects us personally just as they affect our friends and our families.

27 March 2019

Where and what is Manildra?

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This week our team are based in Manildra a small town in central NSW, to provide a 24 hour survey and support to John Holland Rail. With a population of 464 people, and one of the largest wheat producing areas, Manildra need the experts to ensure their rail is spot on and ready to work.

We are reviewing 1800m of formation reconstruction, ballast and rail  replacement at a spot about 50kms out of Orange NSW. To many the 1800mtrs doesn't sound like a lot, but it is an integral part of a high use rail line.

Hanlons surveyors provide height and position of the topography and line. We also undertake conformance surveys to make sure the track complies with the design and legislation. The design for this project was completed by Hanlons just over 2 years ago!

After the track and ballast is removed, the cutting or embankment formation is reshaped  prior to placing new ballast, new concrete sleepers and heavier rated rail. This will be a project done in collaboration with John Holland.

We like to think Hanlons speaks the language of the rail industry. We plan, design and engineer rail lines and provide a full range of services for the industry. Our project teams include experienced engineers and surveyors. We train our staff to understand the challenges of rail projects, so we can develop solutions focused on improving the operation.



01 March 2019

Hanlon re-brand

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The Hanlon re-brand is featured on page 27 of this month’s edition of The Surveyor. Thanks to the team at KEO for helping us on the journey. 

Hanlons previously known as Mitch Hanlon Consulting based in Tamworth NSW, has an existing National client base and a brand that needed to stay relevant to the changing economic and internal business culture. We have worked hard on our internal processes, and wanted to ensure that these were reflected out into the wider community. 
We have a 15 year history in the regional surveying and engineering industry, we needed to be sympathetic our existing reputation and brand, but move forward into the future.
After a winding process, many conversations and workshops with the experts, it lead to a redefined purpose, refined name, a bold and dynamic identity; with an internal and external message unique to both. 
Hanlons, as a company, are reaching new areas with an adaption to modern day life without loosing our long standing brand history. Our new branding and strategic position allows marketing to penetrate deeper across numerous areas. Whether it be tender writing, presentations or social media, our new brand has become identifiable and easily recognised.
We are excited to move forward into our new future. 

01 December 2018

Bringing like minds together with the Railway Surveying Working Group

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Our very own Mitch Hanlon, Managing Director of Hanlons, has written a very thought provoking article in The Surveyor on page 20 of the December Edition. 

Mitch brings to light the importance of building networks based on knowledge, guidance and government for the future of Railway Surveying and Track Design. Hanlons have joined forces with like-minded surveyors across Australia to form the Railway Surveying Working Group to focus on what lies ahead for the rail industry. 

Have a read, have a think, make a comment. We want to know your thoughts. 



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