Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Looking for innovative engineering solutions?  Our team has over 50 years combined experience in the sectors of railway, local government and development.

Our areas of expertise include:

Railway Design

  • Main line track and yard design
  • Kinematic envelope and speed calculations
  • Formation design
  • Track points, crossings and catch points
  • Construction staking
  • Corridor property boundary re-establishment

Commercial Site Design and Industrial Site Design

  • Layout of buildings, footpaths, parking, landscaping, entrances and signage
  • Design of utilities from building to the public main
  • Stormwater detention design
  • Design of transportation facilities and docking areas including truck and rail

Residential Rural and Urban Subdivision Design

  • Subdivision layout design
  • Traffic analysis, urban and rural roads and car park design
  • Client representation at Council meetings for development approval
  • Design of pavements and roadway profiles
  • Earthworks and volumes
  • Stormwater and detention basins
  • Erosion control measures
  • Utilities such as sewer, water, gas, telephone and electricity
  • Drawings for presentation and marketing purposes

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