Rural Feedlot Development

Rural Feedlot Development

The Challenge:

On a farm located in a small town within the Tamworth region, the farm owners engaged Hanlons for assistance in the approval and operational process for the development of a 990 head feedlot.

The client was referred to Hanlons for our reputation as a company that was capable of completing the project. This was evident due to our demonstration of excellence in the field and a history of successful completion of projects, with an emphasis on client communication. 

The Solution:

The Hanlons team used our expertise to gain approval for the feedlot development and ensure optimum operational productivity. The project took around 18 months to complete, with more than 20 people involved including clients, Hanlons, Government Agencies and the local council. 

Planning for the project included a Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE), operational and environmental management plans, a land survey, site visits, project management and Government agency consultation, as well as our engineering expertise. Tools used by Hanlons throughout the project included GPS Surveying Equipment, Hanlons technology systems, AutoCAD software and various Microsoft programs. 

The feedlot development required consultation with the Natural Resources Access Regulator (NRAR). This can be a particularly lengthy process and formed a major part in completing this project with success. Through various conversations and the supply of information reports, Hanlons was able to provide NRAR with adequate information to progress the project and achieve successful completion of this rural feedlot development.

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