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Hanlons Consulting is a regional firm providing surveying, engineering and environmental services throughout regional Australia. Founded in 2003, Hanlons has expanded and diversified, servicing urban development, agricultural, transport and infrastructure sectors. From our home base in Tamworth, the employment of our expertise throughout regional NSW has seen Hanlons expand operations, setting up office in Orange to increase our presence and further serve the mid-western and southern parts of NSW.

We provide our clients with regional boots and local experience on the ground, ensuring the right people are on the job to solve the complex problems and ensure successful completion of all projects. Hanlons keep the machines running, turning up and getting the work done with no delays. 

Hanlons’ expertise is supported by an ever growing, regionally based and focused team, with qualifications in a range of disciplines including surveying, engineering and environmental science. To ensure we always remain relevant to major projects, multskilling within our firm is essential and we continue to seek to validate our industry knowledge with relevant qualifications. Hanlons are also focused on supporting the future generation of surveyors and engineers through our cadetship programs, providing those new to the field with a guided introduction to the industry. 

The Hanlons team are passionate about regional Australia and endeavour to do great things for our rural and regional areas. Our firm is committed to contributing to the improvement of regional infrastructure in Australia and creating positive transformations in our own communities. The work we undertake at Hanlons is critical to ourselves, our family and our friends. We feel the direct impact of the projects we work on, making the transformation of regional economies and growth of regional areas a key driver of the services we provide. 

Keep your project moving with Hanlons. 

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