Evans Head Airpark

Evans Head Airpark

The Challenge:

The client wished to develop an airpark and expand the aviation museum at the historic Evans Park Aerodrome. 

The Solution:

The Development Application for the Evans Head Airpark was lodged this week with Richmond Valley Council. This follows extensive discussions and work with Council since the preliminary development application was lodged in December 2015.

Specifically, the project is a community title development comprised of the following features:

  • Local commercial and recreational aerodrome;
  • Small scale commercial uses and community facilities associated with the aerodrome;
  • Museum for military aviation and community groups;
  • Residential airside precinct with direct access to flying facilities;
    • 26 residential lots on the western side (museum precinct);
    • 59 residential lots on the eastern side (residential precinct); and
    • 23 commercial/industrial/private hangars.
  • Aircraft maintenance and support hub; and
  • Boutique hotel and convention centre

Development approval is sought under the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EPA Act). Development permissibility is available under the NSW State Environmental Planning Policy (Infrastructure) 2007 and the heritage incentive clause of the Richmond Valley Local Environment Plan 2012. The development triggers the integrated approval provisions of the EPA Act for the Heritage Act, the Roads Act and the Rural Fires Act. An exemption has been sought from NSW Planning under State Environmental Planning Policy 71 Coastal Protection.

Richmond Valley Council is the assessment body with the Northern Joint Regional Planning Panel being the determining body.

Further details on about the development can be found at http://www.evansheadairpark.com.au/.

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