Introducing our new Trainee Surveyors

As we know, there is currently a shortage of surveyors in many countries and encouraging the next generation is key to solving this gap in the industry.

Providing the young people in our regions with opportunities to explore career paths and develop skills in the surveying industry is a key commitment we have at Hanlons. So without further ado, let’s meet the latest additions to our team, our Trainee Survey Technicians! 

The latest member of the Hanlons team is Lachie, better known as Jonesy. Spending a lot of time in the field with the surveying equipment, Jonesy loves the diversity of work and being able to see how the information he gathers in the field is used in the office. 

While he might not eat breakfast every morning, Jonesy lives by the motto ‘live life to the fullest, look up to the positives’. This motivation coupled with his ability to learn new things quickly sees a promising future in the surveying field for Jonesy. His life motto will continue to allow him to work with his favourite tool, the jigger. Jonesy evidently has a love for the outdoors, not only basing his career out in the field but enjoying camping, fishing and shooting in his own time, as well as watching sports - perhaps with a whiskey on ice.

Along with Jonesy, Cody joins the Hanlons team with fantastic ability and willingness to learn. He chose to pursue a career in the surveying field because of the various, diverse pathways that are available within the industry. Mainly working out in the field, Cody works closely with GPS technology, pink tape and tape measures, to ensure those measurements are always accurate. He enjoys working with any of the surveying tools, except AutoCAD (because…. AutoCAD), and of all the things in the field Cody wishes he didn’t have to deal with spiders, as there are way too many of them in Australia, and long grass because it gives him hayfever… sorry Cody, this is all part of the job!

Outside of gaining valuable experience in the field with Hanlons, Cody is a social butterfly, enjoying quality time with his friends. His happy hour drink of choice is an espresso martini, ensuring he’s always buzzed.  

We are so pleased to have Lachie and Cody on board at Hanlons, watching them develop their skills and mix in with the team. What a great opportunity for young regional people!


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