What is STEM?

Who is out there improving our living and how did they get there? 

STEM is the integration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Rather than educational experiences that focus solely on concentrated subject areas separate from other areas, STEM integrates subjects to connect related disciplines to each other. STEM is critical for our country, allowing us to compete on an international level, create new opportunities for industries and support high standards of living. 

As a key element of the Australian curriculum, STEM education teaches critical thinking skills to our students and provides them with a passion for innovation. It’s not just about science, technology, engineering and maths, but developing problem-solving skills that are applicable across many disciplines. This might see a student go on to be employed in a STEM career like an Accountant, Developer, Analyst, Economist, Civil Engineer or Environmental Engineer. So how do our STEM careers at Hanlons benefit society and the environment? 

Civil Engineers work with the infrastructure we use day today. This includes roads, rail, bridges, and water systems to name a few. They improve and plan the construction of such infrastructure and set plans for the maintenance of same.

Environmental Engineers are committed to finding innovative solutions to problems present within or threatening the environment. Through the collection and analysis of data surrounding human impact on the environment, Environmental Engineers can identify and recommend methods for improving practices to aid conservation. 

As you can see with the specific STEM careers we work in at Hanlons, all those working in different STEM positions are making key contributions to our day to day lives. Encouraging a growing demand for these roles begins with education in schools and universities. We develop our staff with cadetships through universities to match their book learning with our practical skills, melding together an advanced well oiled critical thinking team. 

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