Service Station Contamination Remediation

Service Station Contamination Remediation

The Challenge:

Underground Petroleum Storage Systems require constant monditoring as per EPA requirements. In some instances, sites are closed down and repurposed to other commerical uses. Redunant fuel tanks cannot be abandoned. Former service station sites are difficult to sell with many potential purchasers identifying these tanks in their due-diligance. The result is the loss of a potential buyer. 

The Solution:

Hanlons was engaged to supervise the remediation of a disused service site at Tamworth.

The site had a long history of use as a service station and had since been disused. As the site was had not been used for a period of 2-years, the Regulation required decommissioning and validation of the petroleum storage systems. Our environmental scientists supervised the removal of the storage systems and associated infrastructure and undertook the necessary soil and groundwater sampling to determine the integrity of the site. Remediation works were subsequently undertaken and an Action Plan developed and implemented to ensure the site was suitable for future commercial use.

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