Railway Survey & Design - Temora to Griffith

Railway Survey & Design - Temora to Griffith

The Challenge:

The client request we establish 150km of survey control and undertake over 100 km of track design. The curves on this line were re-sleeped with concrete sleepers with defective track replaced as required. The curves needed to be designed to achieve 80 km/h train speeds with the final alignment not to have major track pulls from the existing alignment. This mean locating many level crossings and transom bridge decks to ensure the alignment did not deviate from these fixed points.

The Solution:

The work to complete the project comprised of:

  • installation of permanent survey control marks along the length of the section.
  • the undertaking of surveys to establish Map Grid of Australia coordinates on the control marks.
  • the survey of the existing track running face on the curves and parts of the straights.
  • the track re-design to enable the track class specification whilst minimising the amount of lateral track "pulls".
  • the placement of sufficient track construction marks (TCMs) at each curve to allow the tamping crews to "pull" the track to the design geometry.

Survey work commenced in February 2015 with final project document delivery in August 2015.

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