Concrete re-sleepering on the Main West

Survey and Design

John Holland Rail CRN have an ongoing program of concrete re-sleepering of steel sleepers on their tight radius curves. The new sleepers will keep provide longer track stability and ride.

This means the track alignment needs to be determined or designed and analysis undertaken to make sure the available transit is sufficient for trains to pass through. Bridges such as the one on the left were assessed to determine if passing trains have sufficient space to pass safely.

This requires high-order control and track pick-up surveys followed by detailed track design.

Upon design approval, re-sleepering construction can commence, often in conjunction with the removal and replacement of fouled ballast. Survey constuction support ensures the design is achieved thereby maximising the asset life.

This project was over 1800 metres long at Newbridge near Bathurst. This is one of four similar projects on the Main West line.

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