Contaminated Land

Contaminated land can occur when a site has been involved with potentially hazardous substances and these materials and chemicals have not been managed effectively. Almost any site has the potential to become a contaminated site based on its historic use. 

Common contaminated land issues include;

  • Agricultural contamination - sheep dips, farm tips, pesticides, herbicides, and farming chemicals.

  • Industry contamination (power plants, railways, industrial areas and refineries) - ash, coal, and heavy metals. 

  • Mining contamination - heavy metals, metal ores, and petroleum. 

  • Other sources of land contamination - asbestos, petroleum, diesel spills and firefighting foam. 

Contaminates differ in chemistry and how they interact with the environment around them.

Hanlons Consulting have experience in a wide variety of contaminants, writing all levels of contamination reports and remediating sites of contamination to allow development to take place.


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