Defining Boundaries

Our Managing Director, Mitch Hanlon recently spoke with Peta Cox on her Defining Boundaries podcast, where she delves into the lives of the interesting characters from the Surveying & Spatial Industry and their unique perspectives on life and industry.

Throughout the podcast Mitch reflected on the key ways our firm supports the future generations and operates with regional values. Improving the regions where we can is of the utmost importance to the team at Hanlons. We don’t just work here but live here also, and so do our families. Our work directly impacts our lives and we look to ensure that is always a positive impact and continues to be in the future. 

In our recent blog Encouraging the Next Generation, we explored the shortage of surveyors entering the industry and the importance of accessible education and mentorship in countering this rising challenge. Mitch and Peta discussed the challenge regional school leavers and other aspiring professionals face in the unaffordable cost of living away from home to study, identifying an opportunity for supportive employers to commit to mentoring through external study. Mitch began this as part of developing his own succession plan, future thinking about who will take over Hanlons when he retires? The profession has an obligation to provide such training and mentorship to ensure the field of surveying can continue at a highly skilled level. 

At Hanlons, we invest in the future generations. Taking on regionally based workers and investing time into their training and education is a commitment our firm has made to support the industry. Our staff engage in meaningful qualifications that are further supported by real world experience, and no matter the seniority there is always someone studying within Hanlons. It is important to build capacity within the team to promote growth in the right direction. This capacity building also expands outside of the team and into our wider operations. 

There is an extensive range of gear that helps our team do great work, which all needs to be kept up to date and in working order. This includes our fleet of vehicles, all the tools and instruments we use in the field and the software used throughout our office. By staying up to date with the latest technology and keeping the gear moving and advancing we are able to be the most productive we can be in the field. Good gear, good systems and good people are essential to our firm and the surveying industry. 

We strongly believe in improving regional infrastructure and getting regional boots on the ground to keep these projects moving. Supporting the expansion of regional surveying services is key to achieving this and one of the driving factors for growth at Hanlons.

To find out more you can tune into the recorded podcast via the following link or on your platform of choice by searching for Defining Boundaries with Peta Cox. We look forward to hearing more from the surveying industry and professionals in the field. Thank you to Peta for inviting Mitch onto the podcast.



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