Demand for Surveyors Continues to Grow

Whenever we’re at a BBQ or social gathering, one of the first questions we’re asked is “How is work going?”, and the answer for us always seems to be “Flat out!”.

A report out earlier this year from BIS Oxford Economics can shed some light on the matter of why we are always so busy. The report highlighted there is a current shortage of surveyors in Australia, with only 8,172 surveying professionals filling the demand of 9,125 positions. Of the positions that are vacant, 297 are for registered surveyors! 

The Australian Government has given the profession of Surveyor a labour market rating of  “shortage”, with only 33% of vacancies filled in the 2019 survey. While steps have been taken to encourage more school leavers to enter the industry, strong economic building data and forecasts highlight the shortfall of surveyors isn’t going anywhere over the next ten years.

Surveyors are needed for a lot of construction work. They obtain approvals, design the work, manage contracts, make sure the build is in the right place as well as complying with the design specification. Significant skill in project management is needed to juggle these needs.

What does all this mean? If you’re interested in becoming a Surveyor, the time to act is now! According to the Good Education Group 78% of graduates were employed straight out of university – the third highest rate in the country.

But there is a reason for the shortage - and particularly in regional NSW and Victoria. Surveying is hard work, with long hours and a lot of distance to cover. At Hanlon’s we can be in Manilla one day and Manildra the next, providing railway infrastructure surveys to land inventory, subdivision planning and farm irrigation design. We live and breath rural, but we know with hard work and the right people we get it done. If you’re thinking about becoming a surveyor and want to learn more there are some great resources available - visit A Life Without Limits website.


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