Regional Feedlots at Hanlons Consulting

In 2020, Hanlons was approached by a local Tamworth region primary producer to develop planning documents and gain approval for a beef feedlot. The project began in mid-2020 whereby information was being compiled to complete a Statement of Environmental Effects known as an SEE. 

This is a lengthy document outlining the proposal, identifying the potential impacts and the regulatory process relating to the project. At approx. 100 pages and over 16,000 words this document was the core works in order to provide adequate information and obtain approval for the feedlots construction and ultimate operation. 

The project required Hanlons to communicate and interact with multiple government agencies in order to continue the approval process. Over the coming 12 months Hanlons completed the SEE, corresponded with multiple agencies and submitted the SEE to Tamworth Regional Council (TRC). 

In Mid-2021 approval was obtained from TRC and other approvals were obtained from the relevant government agencies in order for the development to progress. This was the major milestone of the project and was the largest hurdle in relation to gaining an operational capacity. Hanlons was able to advise and review the Operational and Environmental Management Plans to satisfy the project conditions.  

The project is now operational and is a functioning and fully approved beef feedlot providing to the growing red meat market in Australia and servicing the large abattoir facilities in Tamworth. This development is another feedlot approved via Hanlons and bolsters the experience and success of Hanlons environmental and planning capability.  


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