Stadium 974 - a Sustainable Engineering Masterpiece

The construction of Stadium 974, previously known as Ras Abu Aboud Stadium, has been completed ahead of schedule for the 2022 FIFA World Cup to be held in Qatar. The stadium is located in the city of Doha, Qatar, and can host up to 40,000 spectators.

The stadium is built according to a modular design, using recycled shipping containers, and is set to be dismantled after the 2022 World Cup concludes, making it the first-ever temporary World Cup stadium.

The arena is made of 974 shipping containers and modular, structural steel, earning its name “Stadium 974”. The Shipping containers and seats, once dismantled, will be provided as assistance to under-developed countries in Africa. 

The shape and gaps between the seats allow natural ventilation and artificial cooling. Moreover, the stadium's proximity to the Persian Gulf offers a natural cool breeze to lighten the load on the stadium's cooling systems. The containers making up the exterior also serve as spaces to hold staircases, concessions, and restrooms. The containers have also delivered other construction materials to the job site.

Designed by Fenwrick Iribarren Architects, Stadium 974 features a modular design, reducing the construction cost, duration, and material waste. In addition to that, the use of water will be reduced by 40% compared to conventional stadium construction due to the efficient methods introduced. Stadium 974’s innovative design is inspired by Qatar’s worldwide trade and seafaring. Due to its short lifetime, it set a new benchmark and guided the way towards more sustainable and legacy-driven sporting competitions, opening up hosting opportunities to countries all over the world.

The stadium's design has received a five-star certification in the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS), which rates green building and infrastructure across the Middle East and North Africa.

Here at Hanlons, we love seeing this ingenuity and sustainable use of existing building materials to create a temporary structure for world events and look forward to witnessing further innovative sustainable practices for the delivery of the 2032  “climate positive” Olympic Games in Brisbane.

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