The Importance of Training & Continual Development

At Hanlons, our people are always studying. It’s just a fact. 

Our cadet programs see employees complete their degree from distance education while gaining on the job experience, Graduate Surveyors need to complete post-graduate competency exams, and our fully qualified staff are regularly undertaking specialised study in a field of their interest.  

This thirst for knowledge and continual improvement lay the cornerstone of our professional training program which we incorporated into our HR system. But we felt it was important that people weren’t just learning because they had to, but because they were engaged and interested in the topics. 

We have seen a number of benefits from our training program, and in particular a knowledge transfer between generations within our staff. Our older employees are able to impart their experience and lessons learned to younger staff, while tech-savvy younger staff are able to help keep the team up-to-date with technology and compliance. As more and more systems move online we have found it extremely valuable to have already opened up these channels of communication. 

Another foundation of our continual development at “lessons learned” sessions, where the team openly discusses the successes and failings of recent projects, and what we can learn from them for the future. This honest and constructive feedback and exchange of ideas is facilitated either in-house or by an external provider, and is proving to be beneficial to our commitment to excellence as a business .

It's all about the "one percenters", those who are conscious that it’s the little things we do everyday which lead to big actions. If we at Hanlons can turn that one percent into five or even more, we are helping create a workforce that benefits clients. Even more importantly - we are empowering our staff with the knowledge they are gaining new skills and helping deliver high quality outcomes to their community, and that’s something worth investing time in. 

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