The Subtle Art of Successful Subdivision

A vast expanse of potential. That’s what the team at Hanlons see when a client takes them on a site inspection for a subdivision. The decision to subdivide land can be made for a number of reasons, but doing it well to maximise returns and be sympathetic to the existing environment requires skill and local knowledge, areas where Hanlons excels. 

Many would-be developers often fall over because they haven’t got the right advice from the start of the project. Finance, approvals and engaging builders and contractors all rely on having a solid foundation to work from to ensure the project’s viability. Any corner cut by Surveyors and Engineers will come back to haunt the team later in the project - a bad outcome for all involved. Setting a realistic budget, consulting with all stakeholders for project timelines and strong communication are essential to a successful subdivision. 

So what are you actually paying a consulting firm to do? A lot.

When planning a subdivision, Hanlons have an exhaustive list of tasks to ensure a successful outcome for our clients, including: assess the site; review market demand for the preferred lot type; develop and cost lot layout concepts; review Council policies and guidelines; obtain planning consent; prepare construction documents; issue invitations to tender to build the roads, drainage, water supply and sewer mains; supervise construction; obtain Council approval to the finished works; and finally, prepare, lodge and obtain registration of the subdivision plan at Land Registry Services so new titles can be issued. 

As you can see - this is where a multi-disciplinary firm such as Hanlons is an advantage, able to handle all aspects of the planning process under one roof. 

Planning a subdivision is a complex process, but having the right people in your team will make the process less stressful.

At Hanlons, we walk side-by-side with our clients, guiding them through the process and providing them with honest and reliable advice to get the job done right.

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