Why Surveying and Construction are Essential Services

The Covid-19 crisis has seen countries around the world implement tough lockdown measures, with only essential services running for many communities. As the restrictions in Australia strengthen, there have been many questions about what is essential, and why are some industries able to continue operating as usual, albeit at 1.5m apart. So why should surveyors and engineers be able to visit job sites still? And why is the construction industry considered essential at this time? 

Site visits allow works to progress at all stages of a project, from the initial planning to the final handovers. Whether it’s a major infrastructure project or a property subdivision, having a pipeline of projects ready to go is essential to improving morale and providing important economic uplift. 

Surveyors and engineers are crucial in ensuring transport infrastructure is maintained (how else are we going to keep getting toilet paper delivered to our supermarkets if our roads fail?). Rail lines and roads need to be looked after to ensure country-to-city grain and coal deliveries can occur and food supply lines remain open. Working on site with maintenance operational crews ensures the right maintenance option is being selected, to avoid further damage down the track as the result of a quick fix which doesn’t last. 

While it doesn’t feel like it now - this isn’t going to last forever, and the economy is going to need a restart once we get through the pandemic. The construction sector and infrastructure projects are a great way to distribute wealth through communities, particularly in regional Australia. In remote areas, workers stay in hotels, buy supplies and food locally and often contractors take on local employees. In larger centres, firms are generally available  to do the project work, but a good firm knows that nothing beats a local business doing local projects. Larger, national firms normally employ a local surveyor who would know the site and have an emotional commitment to seeing the works done well. 

It’s inevitable that Federal and State Governments will roll out a number of infrastructure projects to help the recovery efforts, but it’s essential that private projects also tick along during this time. While the country looks at lockdown, there are many private projects with funding already allocated to planning and design, and surveyors and engineers can get these projects to the next stage of an approvals process while things are quiet so construction can commence at the earliest opportunity. Sometimes the change from the ordinary can lead to new ideas or concepts, and the idea for a project or new development may strike when looking at a tree in the garden. Talk to a surveyor to bounce ideas to see if the project has legs, you’d be surprised at their depth of knowledge regarding the whole process! 

In conclusion, allowing access to sites (while adhering to social distancing measures and government guidelines) ensures economic activity can restart quickly when the pandemic passes, while also keeping vital transport infrastructure networks operational. Our team may not be in the office but we are still working, talk to the team today if you have any questions regarding your project and our new arrangements. 

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