Temora Grain Terminal - Why efficient grain handling is important

Mitchel Hanlon
Written by: Mitchel Hanlon

Hanlons Consulting have several teams working in Temora at the heart of the southern NSW grain growing region. From Surveyors to planners, Hanlons are on the Job and in this weather, it is cold. 

Grain Corp's rail loadout facility at Temora Sub Terminal require full pavement depth reconstruction, skim reconstruction for ballast renewal and realignment. The Hanlons team provided work plans, design report and survey support during construction works. It's important these facilities are maintained particularly during the current drought,  any grain produced this season needs to be transported in the most efficient manner possible. 

Australian grain farmers annually grow 45 million tonnes of wheat, barley, oats, sorghum, canola and pulses such as chickpeas and faba bean, which at the farm gate alone is worth $13.5 billion. This production generates more than 170,000 jobs in rural and regional areas across Australia. Over 70% of Australia’s grain production is exported, earning some $11.4bn in export earnings annually, and accounting for more than a quarter of all agricultural export earnings. 

With these figures in mind, the Temora Sub Terminal required higher axle loadings on our regional rail network and efficient "first mile" and "last mile" loading and receival facilities in other locations.

We at Hanlons fully understand the important of rail networks to our regional communities. Without them, farmers and the local economy could not be sustained.

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