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Mitchel Hanlon

Managing Director

Mitch is the Managing Director and owner of Mitchel Hanlon Consulting.

Starting the business in 2003, he is extremely proud of the team, business growth and project diversity Mitchel Hanlon Consulting has created.  His key skills are in the fields of development and planning, surveying, civil and environmental engineering, intensive agriculture and project management.

Mitch is passionate about the continuing development and economic growth of our regional communities.

He recognises his most valuable asset is the great team of people with whom he works and is dedicated to growing the business even further to promote exciting job opportunities for our regional cities. This commitment has seen Mitchel become a member of the Association of Consulting Surveyors NSW board and a member of the industry advisory panel for the University of New England's B.Tech (Eng.) degree.

He is also a past secretary of the Tamworth Rugby Club and is proud of his involvement in developing the new clubhouse.

Mitch is the current chair of Aussearch, a for-profit company wholly owned by the Association of Consulting Surveyors NSW.

He loves the outdoors, rugby, time with family and is learning to love bootcamp challenges.


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