A Renewable Future

Mitchel Hanlon
Written by: Mitchel Hanlon

In the modern day of 2020, it is becoming clear that the public perception of the environment is becoming increasingly positive and stronger. The environment and its protection is generating a major commitment to ensuring a greener future. 

Countries worldwide are beginning to feature renewable energies. Technologies in the energy space, such as solar, wind, hydro, tidal, geothermal and biomass, are no longer conversations or plans, they are being implemented and rolled out into the real world. 

Counties such as Iceland, Nicaragua, Scotland, Uruguay and Costa Rica are on their way to achieving 100% renewable energy powered. This shows that smaller countries are turning to green, renewable energy, proving that not only big players can change the world. 

The wave is growing and so is financial backing. The financial power house of China accounted for 45% of global renewable investment in 2017, showing a keen interest in the technologies and their bright future. 

Hanlons is passionate about renewables and their future potential. Global populations are growing and so is demand for energy, if the world can transfer to renewable energy sources, the earth may have its life prolonged and its ability to sustain human life extended. 

Hanlons stays close to renewable projects, news and developments, having worked on projects such as the proposed “Newtricity '' Woolbrook Wind Farm in country NSW. Although this project has not yet been constructed, other projects shaping renewable energy in rural NSW include the Moree Solar Farm, Inverell Sapphire Wind Farm, and proposed Nundle Windfarm. The Hanlons team are excited to be part of the evolution of a renewable future.

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