Progressing the Careers of our Surveyors

In order to progress their careers, candidate surveyors need to engage in the pathway to registration to become a registered surveyor. Eligibility is determined by enrollment in, or possession of a recognised qualification, combined with practical experience. By undertaking a series of examinations and receiving a competency for each, candidates are eligible to apply for registration. 

Our Graduate Surveyor Lachie Smith was awarded the Harvey Award for the best result in the town planning exam at the NSW Board of Surveying and Spatial Information competency assessments recently. Required to pass five competencies: Civil Engineering design, Town Planning, Strata and Community Titling, Urban Boundary Surveying and Rural Boundary Surveying, Lachie has currently passed three of the five. Once all exams have been passed, he will be issued with a Certificate of Competency, which means Lachie can apply to become a registered land surveyor. 

Lachie was also awarded the equivalent award for Engineering, placing him in the upper level of graduates undertaking competency assessments. Though only issued with a certificate, the workload of these courses is equivalent to that of a masters degree. The marking system is different, requiring candidates to display a full and competent knowledge of the course content. In order to achieve registration, it’s important for candidates to have the support of their supervising surveyor, employer and family. 

The demand for registered surveyors is high, particularly in regional areas. Retirements are taking place faster than replacements are becoming available. The cause is often a lack of career progression for those already in the field. At Hanlons, we are committed to supporting the progression of all our team members, enrolling them in courses that will further qualify them in the industry. 

For graduate surveyors who feel as though they don't have oversight and support from their current employers, Hanlons can offer a full pathway to registration. To progress your career, while gaining valuable experience in a regional surveying firm, contact us to discuss the opportunities we have available.


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