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Mitchel Hanlon
Written by: Mitchel Hanlon

At Hanlons we talk at length about the range professional services we provide and the talented team we have delivering them. From surveyors, engineers and rail designers to environmental engineers and drafting officers – our staff have extensive regional experience to ensure our customers get the most from us.

But what do all these titles mean? In this months blog we are going to explain these roles and how we all work together.

Registered Surveyor – Surveying is the measurement and mapping of our surrounding environment, essentially they are experts in determining land size and measurement. A registered surveyor will be out in the field making calculations using specialist equipment, including geodimeters, Robotic Total Stations (theodolites), aerial scanners, high order GPS and more. Once this raw data has been collected, the surveyor then can draft plans and determine boundaries which can be used by engineers, developers, architects, designers and more. To become a registered surveyor you need to show competence in engineering, planning and all laws relating to the subdivision of land and licensed by The Board of Surveying and Spatial Information.

Engineering Surveyor- Engineering surveyors are heavily involved in major construction projects such as railways, bridges, roads etc. They will analyse initial drawings and identify any issues (for example will the terrain allow for the design as it currently stands? And how will you get equipment into a small space for a rail bridge?) and work with the engineers and designers to ensure construction will run smoothly once it commences. Teamwork and communication with site supervisors and contractors are all part of the engineering surveyors job, at Hanlons we specialise in significant infrastructure projects which require highly skilled and experienced engineering surveyors.

Environmental Engineer -  Environmental engineers are concerned with the impact on the natural world by engineering activities, so how will the project affect the environment that it’s being built on and how can we overcome any potential problems. Environmental engineers can also prepare a number of reports and assessments for large infrastructure projects to agricultural industries. 

Technical Officer - A technical officer collects, analyses data and develops plans for land Surveyors to provide the basic information required for a surveying project. This includes preparing detail surveys, engineering design for subdivisions, tender and contract management and project management. 

Rail Designer - A rail designer oversees the design, supervision and management  of railway projects. This can cover track design, signal design overhead electrical design and civil works around the tracks. 

Drafting Officer –  A drafting officer uses software to convert designs by a surveyor or engineer into technical drawings and plans. These plans are created using CAD software,and can be two or three-dimensional.  

Survey field assistant - Survey assistants help surveyors undertake projects on site, helping to maintain and use surveying equipment, assist in taking and recording measurements and pegging boundaries. 

Now that you know what they do, learn more about our team here. 




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