The Future is Plannable - Recap of NSW State Budget 2020-21

Tim Milsom
Written by: Tim Milsom

There are very few industries worldwide that have a pipeline of government sponsored work coming out of a global pandemic. Our Engineering and Surveying industry is one of the lucky ones, but with luck comes a lot of hard work. 

With the 2020-21 Budget announced last Tuesday the 17th November 2020, the NSW government has committed to a continued investment in an infrastructure program that builds a better NSW. The announcement of the record infrastructure pipeline of $107.1 billion, ensures the delivery of projects across the State, including vital infrastructure in Health, Education and Transport. 

The record $107.1 billion pipeline is estimated to generate 145,000 jobs, directly or indirectly, each year. This transformational pipeline of infrastructure projects, both planned and already underway, will boost consumer confidence, putting NSW in a strong position to respond to the economic crisis.

Underpinning this stimulus is the $3 billion Jobs and Infrastructure Acceleration Fund, which will support 20,000 jobs and deliver new and fast-tracked projects across the State. The plan is to cut the red tape, encouraging movement of projects across the state. 

At Hanlons we are advertising for 3 new positions to keep our pipeline moving in anticipation of the Government initiatives. One of those positions is for a Trainee Civil Engineer Surveyor who could be currently studying at University. When thinking about the future of our industry, it has become evident that there is no better time to start a career in Surveying and Engineering then now. 

We can deduce that the funds and projects are available for the foreseeable future. Even during a pandemic, our industry is growing, moving and learning, with some of the biggest technological advances directly encouraging our advancement and timelines. 

Even without the Government Pipeline A Life Without Limits indicates that surveying graduates are in high demand in Australia, both in the city and country areas, working for private practice or for government bodies. This means the jobs are plentiful, reflected in the 95% of students finding work within four months after graduating.

With a flood of funding flowing into our industry, mixed with a severe shortage of skills, Surveying graduates are best positioned to find employment. As a Trainee Civil Surveying Engineer, you will guide the growth of the town or city you choose to live and work in. You may see new types of trains connecting people like never before, or help transition from petrol to electric vehicles. Now is the time to take every opportunity to gain employment in the field and pursue your ambitions.

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