When do you need a land surveyor?

Mitchel Hanlon
Written by: Mitchel Hanlon

The importance of design and construction in the building process is widely understood. Surveying is however, just as important but so often overlooked in residential builds. So when do you need a land surveyor?

You want to put up a fence
Erecting a fence on your property isn’t as simple as you may think. Boundary disputes with neighbours are one thing to avoid at all costs, and with fences frequently placed in the wrong spot, awareness of the need for a surveyor is important. The only way to ensure boundaries are where you think they are is to engage a licensed surveyor to conduct a title re establishment. The surveyor will use a combination of the latest technologies and thorough knowledge of regulations to ensure your investment in a new fence all goes to plan. 

You want to extend your home
The sentimental value of a family home stops many from buying or building a bigger residence that suits their family’s needs. The alternative - extending the existing structure. Home extension requires a residential identification survey for the analysis of boundaries, existing structures, and terrain. The survey is important for the designer and builder to ensure the extension can be made both safely and legally. 

You’re looking to subdivide
A surveyor should be your first contact when considering a subdivision. If they don’t already know the opportunities and restraints to subdividing your land, they are sure to know how to determine them. There are many considerations when subdividing including; topography, size, traffic flow etc. Survey results can be compiled into the submission for the application to your local council providing you with assurance that the application is accurate and hassle free. 

Surveyors do more than just measure space - we navigate all aspects of land ownership. Surveying is vital to the success of your residential projects that involve significant land decisions. Be sure to do it right the first time and reach out to Hanlons at the start of your next project.


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