Staff: Lachlan Jones

Lachlan Jones

Trainee Survey Technician

Spending a lot of time in the field with the surveying equipment, Lachlan, better known as Jonesy, loves the diversity of work at Hanlons and being able to see how the information he gathers in the field is used in the office. 

While he might not eat breakfast every morning, Jonesy lives by the motto ‘live life to the fullest, look up to the positives’. This motivation coupled with his ability to learn new things quickly sees a promising future in the surveying field for Jonesy. His life motto will continue to allow him to work with his favourite tool, the jigger. Jonesy evidently has a love for the outdoors, not only basing his career out in the field but enjoying camping, fishing and shooting in his own time, as well as watching sports.


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